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Testimonials & Reviews

Judith Pitt:


"I can highly recommend Lana Grant! She successfully supported many of the children and their families in my previous school. Her warmth, expertise and genuine compassion shines through all that she does!"

Jax Blunt, recently wrote about my book; 'From Here to Maternity':


"Lana Grant, the author of ‘From here to maternity: Pregnancy and motherhood on the Autism Spectrum’ understands so much of this I think. Her books starts with describing autism in girls clearly from her own personal experience as a fellow late diagnosed autistic female. However, she’s also worked with a wide range of autistic people, so her views are informed by that too."


"There was so much here that I identified with, that I think other people I know will, that I highly recommend this for people interested in how autism affects women."


CLICK HERE to read the full review on Jax's blog.

Amazon review by KCox

"This ground breaking book is a must read for people on the autistic spectrum, their family and friends, academics and healthcare professionals alike. The work highlights the real challenges faced by women on the autistic spectrum as they encounter pregnancy and motherhood, in a truly authentic and refreshing way. Whilst the book is highly informative and engaging, it is also witty, honest and magnificently touching. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will enrich your knowledge. This is the straight-talking, accessible book we have all been waiting for."

Amazon review by Matthew Bamford

"A personal story that really helps you to understand the challenges that women on the autistic spectrum face through maternity and early motherhood. This book is written in such a personable way that it becomes very easy to relate to. A must read."

Amazon review by Alison Tatem

"Could not put this book down! Informative, heartfelt, humorous inspiring insight into the very real experiences a woman on the autism spectrum, managing life, pregnancy and motherhood. Highly recommended read."

Amazon review by Monique Blakemore

"A book that needed to be written. And I did so from cover to cover in one sitting. Brilliant."

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